To be human in the ancient culture of Otavalo was to understand the immensity of the universe and to live by the patterns and cycles of the sun and stars.  Sr. Hernan Castro, Otavalo historian, discusses the Cosmovision of the Americas in this video collaboration. 
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The ancients depended on Maize as their principal food.  Tio Mario Tontaquimba and his wife offer travelers the opportunity to observe the preparation of a typical meal at the “house of their grandparents”, the Paradero Inca Tambo.     
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Maria Rosa Ovindil and Geovanny Rea have been selling their magic elixar for a couple of years now in Otavalo.  Many swear by its curative powers for gastritis, kidney problems, liver ailments, stomach aches, etc.   The secret ingredients are Aloe Vera and herbs.
On any given day one can see José Enrique, his wife and his father wandering around Otavalo offering fresh goat’s milk for $.50 a cup.  Many believe it to have curative powers as well as general health benefits.   The belief in alternative medicine thrives in Otavalo.
Andean Yachacs have used herbal remedies for centuries.  The Jambi Huasi clinic in Otavalo combines traditional Andean treatments and “modern” medicine.   Javier Perugachi is Ecuador’s most knowledgeable yachac healer. 
The Ali Shungu Foundation was formed to improve the Health, Education and general Welfare of the people of five Indigenous communities.
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   Goats' Milk as a Remedy                            

  What is Andean Cosmovision?                            

   Health & Medicinal Herbs of the Andes, cont.                            

   Health & Medicinal Herbs of the Andes                            

   Health & Medicinal Herbs of the Andes, cont.                             
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  Yachacs, Shamans and Herbal Remedies of Otavalo                          
In this final segment, Tio Mario Tontaquimba Diaz collects several effective medicinal herbs used by the corinderos of the Andean Indigenous community for centuries.  Tio Mario is well known for his ability to treat many illnesses, including cancer.
Quinoa is one of the most fortified grains in existence and was a staple of the Andean diet.  At the “house of their grandparents” Tio Mario Tontaquimba and his wife demonstrate the process of preparation of quinoa for lunch.      Spanish         Quechua

   Paradero Inca Tambo, the Curative Powers of Herbs                            

  Paradero Inca Tambo, a Healthy Diet, part 2                                                                 

  Paradero Inca Tambo, a Healthy Diet, part 1                                                                  

  Yachacs and Traditional Andean Medicine of Otavalo                            

  To your Health with Aloe Vera                            
José Maria Perugachi and his family walk a mountain trail searching for important plants and herbs.  At one time, the natural plants of the monte provided not only medicines but food, fertilizer and useful tools for the Indigenous people of Otavalo and the Andes.
From stomach aches to tooth aches, Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) has provided countless herbs and plants to provide cures.  Campesinos like José Maria Perugachi and his wife have known of these plants all of their lives and now share their knowledge.

   Health & Medicinal Herbs of the Andes, cont.                             
More priceless knowledge from Otavalo Mountain Man José Maria Perugachi and his wife as their family strolls through the monté on a Sunday afternoon.  Mysterious illnesses, such as Mal Aire, are also treated with wild plants and herbs.

   Yachacs and Traditional Andean Medicine of Otavalo                                      
More from Sr. Javier Perugachi about herbal medicine in Otavalo.  When conventional medicines do not work, mainstream doctors send patients to don Javier for traditional herbal treatments.  Javier has been known to cure cancer and other illnesses due to stress.
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Medicinal Herbs

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Andean Cosmovision

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Tubers for Health

Yachac Hernan Castro

Yachacs of Otavalo
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   Tubers for Health                            
The potato originated in the Andes.  Dozens of varieties of tubers are cultivated in Ecuador, many used in traditional medicine. Sr. Jaime Esparza  has been selling Yucca, Camoté, White Carrots and many other exotic tubers in the Otavalo market for over 25 years.

   Yachacs and Traditional Andean Medicine of Otavalo                                       
Yachacs, or Shamans as we know them, have practiced their methods for millennium in the Andes.  Sr. Hernán Castro is a renowned Yachac and historian who uses magnetic center points in the mountains for assimilation of energies and spiritual healing. 

   Health & Medicinal Herbs of the Andes                            
José Maria Perugachi is not a Yachac.  He is an Andean Mountain Man.  Like most rural Indigenous people, he knows much of the medicinal plants that grow locally and in many cases trusts the healing powers of these remedies more than modern medicine.
José Maria Perugachi, his wife Susanna and the kids live in the monte a few kms. from Otavalo.  Indigenous people of the rural areas continue to rely on natural remedies as medicines are costly.  This knowledge has been passed from on generation to generation.
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