The arrest and abuse of Indigenous businessman Tupac Lema occurred because his young son used a slang word for police in the presence of a non Indian policeman.  Srta. Elsa Ramirez interviews Otavalos “on the street” for opinions during Saturday market .
A video of the first interviews with local Otavalo “persons on the street” reveals a general displeasure with representatives and a political system that have disappointed voters year after year .
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The case of Tupac Lema stirred up existing racial tensions in Otavalo.  The arrest and beating of an Indian for using a word in Quechua that means “police” sparked a chain of events captured  in this excellent video by German Cabascango and Diego Yacelga.
Ecuador has been paralyzed for 5 days due to Indigenous manifestations against the TLC trade agreements.  No traffic is allowed to pass on the Pan American Highway, the economic artery of the highlands.  At this moment, there is no solution in sight. 
A year ago, CONAIE, the national Indigenous organization, held elections.  The next morning walls in Otavalo were covered with racist, anti-Indigenous slogans.  A year later, many remain near schools and tourist centers.  Racism in Otavalo?  Still very strong!
Sr. José Quimbo, provincial representative from Otavalo, speaks of the disadvantages of the TLC trade agreements to the Otavalo merchants and to rural peasants.   National strikes have paralyzed the country for six days and continue here in Imbabura.
The Ali Shungu Foundation was formed to improve the Health, Education and general Welfare of the people of five Indigenous communities.
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The Government plan to privatize water has brought thousands of protesters out to the Pan American highway to shut down the country until there is a solution.  We listen to some “transportistas” who have been waiting for the roads to open. 

   Un Caso Para Pensar, a documentary by “Wambra-Arte”                               

  Indigenous People Strike 2010 part 2                                                                  

  Indigenous People Strike 2010 part 1                                                                

  Why the Indigenous People of Otavalo are against TLC                            

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The Indigenous communities struggled to receive water rights a generation ago.  The Government plan to privatize water has brought thousands of protesters out to the Pan American highway to shut down the country until there is a solution.

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Against the TLC

Strike Against ALCA

Racism in Otavalo

Racism in Otavalo!

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