Buying Pork Chops                          
The Saturday Animal Market is still one of my favorite things to see in Otavalo!  Never a dull moment!  Today was no exception.  Now you’ll know what to do with that pig you bought.  Background sounds guarantee plenty of atmosphere every Saturday morning.
Fast food, Otavalo style, is found in the food market.  Sra. Piedad Chirán offers hornado, corn, beans, moté, peas, tostado, whatever you like!  She is on her feet all day working at this fast pace.  I have enjoyed watching her work like a dynamo for 18 years.  Incredible!
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Cockfighting is still very much a part of Andean culture.  Many make a living betting on their fighting cocks.  Here at the animal market anyone can buy a fighting cock.  I have been invited to see the cockfights next Saturday and look forward to taking some videos.
Each day I buy meat for my employees.  It is always a very graphic experience.  No, not at all like driving to the Safeway and buying nice packaged, ready to eat meat in neat clean plastic wrapping!  Buying meat can definitely convert one to a vegetarian!
Yes, it is MANGO season and the sweet smell is in the air again!  Today was a big day for mangos, the first really tasty mangos of the season.  Just everybody sucks on mangos for the next few weeks.  Who can resist the sweet sales melodies of the vendors…...
It was a really hot day today and by chance I saw this guy selling snow cones.  I have not seen snow cones since I was a kid (a lotta years ago).  I immediately ordered a snow cone and spent a little time checking out the very neat snow cone machine.
The Ali Shungu Foundation was formed to improve the Health, Education and general Welfare of the people of five Indigenous communities. 
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   Paradero Inca Tambo, the “House of their Grandparents”                                        

   Fast Food in Otavalo with Srta. Piedad Chirán                            
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Each Wednesday and Saturday, sellers and buyers meet at the Copacabana Market in Otavalo.  This is a wholesale market where the  locals buy goods to carry or export to sell in other cities and countries.  Tia Olga Otavalo of La Joya, producer, talks with us. 
The doors of Otavalo are an art form unto themselves.  Restoring this 100 year old door is a labor of love for Maestro Carlos of Sayri Muebles in Otavalo.  This is but one detail in the total restoration of the property located on Calle Roca and Colon.

   The Other Otavalo Craft Market             

  Restoring an Old House in Otavalo part 4                                                                  

  Searching for a Good Fighting Cock                     

  Snow Cones in Otavalo     
Today I visited the Paradero Inca Tambo in Peguche to visit with Tio Mario Tontaquimba Diaz and his wife who welcome guests to visit their workshops and to obtain insight into the Indigenous Andean culture of the Otavalo rural area.  
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So many beautiful homes in Otavalo have been razed rather than restored. This colonial gem will be saved.  Humberto Lema is the Otavalo architect in charge of the restoration. He explains the need to restore and preserve this 100 year old building.
So many beautiful homes in Otavalo have been razed rather than restored.  This colonial gem will be saved.  Moorish architecture provided plenty of space, light and elegance.  This is part 1 of the process.  Musica Nacional by Nelson Maldonado.
Many believe in the powers of herbal medicines.  Today I saw a traveling salesman hawking several remedies, particularly a salve for arthritis and rheumatism made with the principal ingredient of Aloe Vera.  This guy has style and he did quite well.
So many beautiful homes in Otavalo have been razed rather than restored.  This colonial gem will be saved because of a vision held by the owner, Tio Marcelo Farinango.  He speaks of his dream and the process and challenges of restoring an old home.

   Traveling Salesman in Otavalo                    

  Restoring an Old House in Otavalo part 3                                                                  

  Restoring an old Home in Otavalo  part 2                                                   

  Restoring an old Home in Otavalo  part 1
More Street Food. And on Saturday, it is everywhere. It is really the best way to try the local dishes and snacks. As economic survival becomes difficult, more and more person turn to selling food in the street. Most are licensed and regulated.
Street Food. At one time in my life, I lived on it.  I am not so bold these days but I still enjoy meeting the people that make a living selling food on the street.  Even now, I can never resist the roasted Maduros!
Okay.  You just bought a cow.  How do you get it home?  You load it on the truck and go.  Not so easy for this buyer!  I have to admire his persistence and ingenuity.   The Saturday Animal Market in Otavalo is a must see with a story at every turn.
Many travelers have mentioned the beauty and craftsmanship of doors in the city of Otavalo.  It’s true.  The Otavalos take pride in their garage and house doors.  This is a slide show of some truly magnificent doors that I photographed today. 

   The Otavalo Animal Market Revisited                            

  The Doors of Otavalo                                                              

  Comida de la Calle in Otavalo  part 2                                                                              

  Comida de la Calle in Otavalo  part 1
There are always some great shots during the animal market!  Selling a chicken is not as simple as it may seem.  Buyers will barter persistently...everyone is looking for a bargain.   This deal almost came to pass, but the price was not quite right!

  The Otavalo Animal Market Revisited, Selling a Chicken
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