Otavalo used to have a problem with people leaving their garbage out on the street for collection. Now the Otavalo trash trucks are all equipped with speakers that play Musica Nacional to announce trash collection so that one knows to bring the garbage out.
The potato originated in the Andes.  Dozens of varieties of tubers are cultivated in Ecuador, many used in traditional medicine. Sr. Jaime Esparza  has been selling Yucca, Camoté, White Carrots and many other exotic tubers in the Otavalo market for over 25 years.
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More wonderful sights and sounds, friendly smiles and great photo and video opportunities greet you at the Otavalo food market.  One can visit the food market all day every day for the best, freshest and most exotic in produce that Ecuador has to offer.
I have been driving in Ecuador for over 22 years and I swear I am  the only person in the town that stops at a stop sign……….. I proved it the other day with these shots on a random corner in  Otavalo.  More later on Driving in Ecuador……..
The neighborhood of Buenos Aires in Otavalo takes one back to  another epoch.  This is a slideshow of some photos I shot the  other day.  It is one of my favorite areas in Otavalo and in dire  need of restoration.  Most of the properties are over 50 years old.
You’ve read about it, you’ve seen photos, now let’s wait for it to arrive.  Unfortunately, the train system from Otavalo to Ibarra has been suspended with no hope in sight that it will once again provide that unique experience we once enjoyed.
The Ali Shungu Foundation was formed to improve the Health, Education and general Welfare of the people of five Indigenous communities.
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   Barrio Buenos Aires, Otavalo                            

  The Sound of Trash Collection in Otavalo                           

   Tortillas de Maiz                     

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   Pakari Tambo                             
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  Images of Otavalo                         
Travel from atop the clouds down through the Andes into the Otavalo Valley.   Volcanoes, cobblestone roads and beautiful views bring us into the town of Otavalo and the valley of eternal Spring. Welcome to the Awakening Valley!
There is nothing in the world quite like the sights and sounds of the Animal Market.  For many, the Otavalo Animal is the height of their visit on Saturday.  Very graphic, never boring, the Saturday animal market provides some excellent photo and video opportunities!

   Welcome to Otavalo                             

  The Otavalo Animal Market                            

  The Otavalo Vegetable Market                          

  The Train from Otavalo to Ibarra                            

I met Doña Estele, viuda de Oña, only last week, tucked away behind some stalls in the food market.  She makes Tortillas de Maiz, corn cakes that have existed as part of the Otavalo culture predating the Incas.  By the way, they are delicious.  
After documenting the renovation of  this beautiful old home in Otavalo, we visit the finished project, the new location for Pakari Tambo, a center of Andean Culture and spiritual knowledge.   The owners offer local food, crafts and culture on Calle Roca.

   Restoring an Old Home part 6                              
We visit the restoration project of tio Marcelo Farinango once again to view progress.  This is a slideshow of a few shots I took yesterday while I spoke with tio Marcelo about the plan after over a year of construction and the date of inauguration.

   Un Mensaje a los Norte Americanos    
Like many Ecuadorians with family in the US, this hard working vendor worries that they may meet the same fate as Ecuadorian immigrant Marcelo Lucero.  She asked me if she could send a message to my viewers and here it is……...
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   Que Papa Quiere, Casera?                                                                                  
Everybody, rich or poor, eats Papas.  There are several varieties available in the Otavalo food market.  My papa casera explains what types of potatoes are for sale, how they are prepared and how much a basket or a one hundred pound sack might cost.

   Downhill Bicycling                              
Downhill Bicycling is most enjoyable, takes little effort and is a great way to spend the afternoon in Otavalo!  In this video,  join us for 32 kms. of fantastic views, beautiful valleys and small Andean villages.   There is nothing quite like it!

   The Architecture of Otavalo                              
Many beautiful buildings remain in Otavalo despite the policy during the 90’s encouraging destruction rather than restoration.  From simple Latin deco of the 50’s to detailed Spanish colonial of the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s,  this slide show pictures a few of my favorites.

   El Molino de Otavalo                                                                     
Tucked away in a hidden neighborhood of Otavalo one is carried back to a time in the past when the water driven grain mill was one of the most important locations in town. Today, this kind of mill is the last of its kind. I plan to go back when it is actually operating.

   El Molino de Otavalo  part 2                                                                                                                           
I wandered by the old Molino and was fortunate to meet some campesinos milling whole wheat into flour. This flour mill is the last of its kind, perhaps in the entire province, and is still used by many Indigenous rural campesinos to mill wheat, dried corn and barley.
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