That guy was her sister’s husband.  Oh!  Let us celebrate marriage and fertility.
  One of my first videos and my first music video.   This was the house band of our hotel way back when.  Otavalo is a center of Andean music.  Who did not run into a group fo Otavalo musicians back in the 90s!   See this  mediocre video to hear the excellent Andean tune. 
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We began this music video, dedicated to their mother, from Cocha Marka’s CD “Auki” last year and decided that it was too sad to complete.  I did finish a version with the video tape we shot in two days.  Cocha Marka is one of Otavalos best loved folklore groups!

He was sure that she was his girl, but he sees her walking with another guy.

It is too much to bear.  He sits in misery, drinking chicha in the local cantina.

While working in the fields, a bevy of beautiful dancers appears.  He is in love!

The Ali Shungu Foundation was formed to improve the Health, Education and general Welfare of the people of five Indigenous communities.
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   Part 3, Otavalo San Juanito, “ Yo No Se Porque” by Inti Raymi                            

  Part 4, Otavalo San Juanito  by Inti Raymi of Punyaro                            

   Not a very good Music Video, but Great Music!                               
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  Music of Otavalo                         
Rodrigo, Jaime and Hernan Pineda are the three brothers that make up the well known Andean Folklore Group SAMY.  They also produce instruments at their workshop in Peguche, Ecuador.  They speak of the significance of each instrument in each fiesta.
He appears at all of the markets at one time or another.  There is no one like him.  He is the only one-man-band of Otavalo.  Once part of a group that traveled the Americas, he now works alone.  His name is Luis Alberto Cotacachi and he is one of a kind!

   SAMY Andean Music Instruments                                                           

  Otavalo’s Only One-Man-Band                            

  Music Video, Cocha Marka’s “Recuerdo Eterno”                          

  Part 1, Otavalo San Juanito by Inti Raymi of Punyaro                       

  Part 2, Otavalo San Juanito, “Maria” by Inti Raymi of Punyaro                                                                            
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Samy Instruments

One Man Band

Recuerdo Eterno

San Juanito


Yo no Se Porque

San Juanito 2

First Music Video

Everybody Loves a

Banda Sound Byte

SAMY on Television
Sadly, Musica Nacional is less and less popular these days in Ecuador.  Not too many years ago, no respectable civic event, parade or celebration took place without a “banda”.   “Bandas” rock! After watching the video, click here for a great sound byte.

  Everybody Loves a Parade                                
The Spanish harp was an important factor in any celebration, most importantly marriages!  Taita Chavo plays several songs and explains (in Quechua) the significance of each song.  His son, Orlando, sings the vocals.

   Taita Chavo:  Harpista Extraordinario                                                  
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