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When we produced "El Pastorcito de Otavalo Buscando El Dorado" we often joked about what the next Pastorcito movie story would be. We decided to video a "coming attractions trailer", an "estreno" for a movie we will never make.
I visited this High School intending to buy compost for my garden. I was so impressed by what I saw that I had to document what the Colegio Tecnico Agropecuario of Otavalo is doing!
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Ali Shungu
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   Maestro Orbe;  The Forgotten Artist of San Antonio                            
We met the artist Carlos Obre over 30 years ago.  In his studio he had piles of his "l*ngo" portraits which were just sitting in a corner, forgotten.  We bought them all and continued to buy his Indigenous portraits over the years.

   Taita Chavo:  Harpista Extraordinario   
The Spanish harp was an important factor in any celebration, most importantly marriages!  Taita Chavo plays several songs and explains (in Quechua) the significance of each song.  His son, Orlando, sings the vocals.

   El Pastorcito de Otavalo; Buscando El Dorado
What ever happened to the treasure of Atahualpa? The little shepherd boy of Otavalo goes against his mother's orders to lead his brother and sister and friends into the forbidden caves of Otavalo looking for gold and encountering El Dorado………..
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   Christmas Celebration in the Rural Community, 2012                            
Rural children of Ecuador look forward to receiving "navidades", bags filled with animal crackers and candies.  Christmas is celebrated with the Christmas Eve Mass and a simple meal.
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