The Ancient Ruins of Otavalo w/Sr. Hernan Castro                          
This is another fascinating chapter of our video collaboration in preparation for next week’s first annual Video Festival of Peguche.  The volcanic lakes in the Otavalo area were sacred sites.  The ancients studied the stars in these “mirrors of the sky”.
The evolution of the Maize plant and its cultivation by humans in the Andes is discussed by Sr. Hernan Castro, Otavalo historian, in our video collaboration documenting the ancient culture of Otavalo. 
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The culture of the ancient Otavalos revolved around the cultivation of Maize.  Maize still provides a wide variety of foods throughout the year.  Sr. Hernan Castro speaks of these many products in this outtake of our present video project.
Distribution of land and its measurement during pre Incan times is the subject discussed by Sr. Hernan Castro in this video documentary that we are producing and hope to complete soon!  We have discovered extensive stone ruins within a few kms. of Otavalo.
To be human in the ancient culture of Otavalo was to understand the immensity of the universe and to live by the patterns and cycles of the sun and stars.  Sr. Hernan Castro, Otavalo historian, discusses the Cosmovision of the Americas in this video collaboration. 
As we wind down our production, a video collaboration touching upon the ancient cultures of Otavalo, Sr. Hernan Castro, Otavalo historian, in his final interview, speaks of the relationship between the human beings, the cultivation of Maize and the Universe.
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  The Culture of Maize w/Sr. Hernan Castro                              

   The Ancient Culture of Otavalo                                         

   The Culture of Maize w/Sr. Hernan Castro                            
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  The Culture of Maize                         
Little remains as proof of the pyramids, or Tolas, in Otavalo except the geographical positions.   These Tolas have been systematically destroyed over the years.  Sr. Hernan Castro speaks of the main pyramid that we now know was the ceremonial center of Otavalo.
More evidence of destroyed and abandoned structures is uncovered during a casual search of this ancient ceremonial site.   Worked stones are strewn over several acres, an area totally forgotten and abandoned.

   The Pyramids of Otavalo w/ Sr. Hernan Castro              

  The Ancient Ruins of Otavalo w/ Sr. Hernan Castro                                                                  

  The Culture of Maize w/Sr. Hernan Castro                     

  The Culture of Maize w/Sr. Hernan Castro      
Extensive ruins of ancient ceremonial sites, abandoned for a thousand years, sit high above Otavalo.  I am still agonizing (!) with a final version of this video collaboration with Sr. Hernan Castro.  Until I do finish, look for other chapters on these pages.
The Culture of Maize
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A Calcique was the community leader in ancient times.  The more important the Calcique, the higher the ceremonial site he ruled from.  Join Sr. Hernan Castro in this video collaboration outtake and  “Imagine how it was to be Calcique of Otavalo…….”
This is the completed version of a video collaboration with Sr. Hernan Castro about our search for evidence of an ancient Andean culture centered here in Otavalo.  Sr. Hernan Castro’s knowledge of the culture and history of the Andean Ancients is astounding!

   The Ancient Culture of Otavalo                     

  Otavalo, en Busca del Rumiñahui w/Sr. Hernan Castro                                                                 
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