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In the rural communities near Otavalo, the Minga is taken quite seriously! The Andean custom of working for the benefit of the community predates the Incans by hundreds of years. This Minga was called to repair canals that bring irrigation water to the village.
Sra. Maria Enma Perugachi, president of the small Andean community of Yambiro, speaks (in Quechua) of the many needs that the construction of the Yambiro Community/Health Center will address. These needs are common throughout the Andean rural areas!
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Community unity through Minga brings water to the Otavalo campesinos. Five communities lived without water for almost four years. With funding for materials, the reparation of the main reserve tank was achieved through this ancient Andean tradition.
Campesinos throughout the Sierra of Ecuador are harvesting the most important crop of the Andean Indigenous people, Maize. Josť Maria Perugachi and his entire family spent the day today working in the fields. Notice that even the children participate!
The Indigenous campesinos near Otavalo are responsible for maintenance of roads passing through their villages. Through the ancient tradition of Minga, community members work for a few hours two Sundays of each month. Note the general mood.
Saturday morning visit to the Otavalo Animal Market is still one of my favorite things to do! Cuy is a Andean Indigenous delicacy offered to guests of honor at fiestas. Buying a cuy is not easy. It involves close examination and good negotiation technique.
The Ali Shungu Foundation was formed to improve the Health, Education and general Welfare of the people of five Indigenous communities.
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Rural children of Ecuador look forward to receiving "navidades", bags filled with animal crackers and candies.  Christmas in rural Ecuador is celebrated with the Christmas Eve Mass and a simple meal. 
Stephanie Dunning of Florida spent 7 months living in the Community of Yambiro.  As part of the Global citizens Year Student Volunteer program, Stephanie taught in the village school, helping by teaching English.

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Christmas for the rural Indigenous children of the Andes is a time to receive candy and animal crackers. I have finally found time to edit a video taken a few months ago when our foundation distributed navidades to over 200 children from the community of Yambiro.
Lic. Josť Manuela performs an ancient Andean Indigenous ceremony to mark the end of another successful year for the Yambiro child care program. Materials are presented throughout the year by the Ali Shungu Foundation and the U33 foundation.

   Construction of the Yambiro Community Center                             
With the financial assistance of travelers, the village of Yambiro has spent three years building a Community Health Center. This is Part 1 of a video documenting the construction. Completion is near and OtavaloVideos will follow progress from start to finish!

   Construction of the Yambiro Community Center continued                             
Master builder Jaime Ramirez explains this community project on the first day of preparation at the construction site. Building materials are moved to the site by hand by community members. Young and old participate.
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