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The Indigenous people of Otavalo maintain many legends and traditions of the past!  Otavalos' charm and character is reinforced today through photos and videos. 
The Indigenous people of Otavalo are very active politically!  As leaders of the Indigenous movements in Ecuador, they have achieved much over the last few years. 
Despite improvements, the majority of rural communities are on their own.  They receive little or no help from the authorities.  Traditional culture helps to survive a challenging lifestyle.
Otavalo is also a center of Yachacs, that is, practitioners of herbal medicine.  It is an ancient science and campesinos are raised believing in the powers of plants and herbs! 
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Otavalo, Ecuador, a center of Andean Indigenous culture.  There is always something colorful and interesting in and around Otavalo to photograph or video!  
There is so much for the traveler do and to see in and around Otavalo!  These are but a few of the many sights to see in the area, the animal market being my favorite!
Otavalo is a major center in all of the Andean region for weavers, instrument makers, hat makers and many other very talented artisans.  Meet some of them here.
The Culture of Maize is ancient!  Otavalo is a center of that culture as evidenced by age old traditions practiced today and extensive ruins throughout the area!
Otavalo is a major center of Andean folklore music.  Who has not seen a group of Otavalo musicians from Otavalo playing their hearts out on street corners throughout the world?
The Indigenous celebrations of Otavalo reinforce many traditions of the ancient culture.  Documenting these  fiestas and celebrations is a video maker's dream! receives up to 100 hits a day internationally!  These are the videos that are consistently the most popular according to our internet  viewers!
The Ali Shungu Foundation was formed to improve the Health, Education and general Welfare of the people of five Indigenous communities. 
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